• 02Apr2014

    Chris Childs Print Ad

    Wow!  Chris Childs is the man with this double wide driveway turndown in our latest Ride UK print ad.  This gap is in Austin, TX and when I first saw it, I wasn't even sure it was possible.  Thought it would be cool to just make it across not do a fully clicked turndown.  Photo Walter Pieringer. Looking for the red Soundwave that Chris is riding?  It should be available by the end of April.  Learn more about the frame HERE.

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  • 04Mar2014

    Erik Elstran’s first print ad & Wallpaper

    Welcome Erik Elstran to the Sunday Pro team in print!  Our latest Ride UK ad features Erik grabbing his front wheel while cranksliding down a 13 stair Austin rail in celebration of him on our Pro team.  Look for some big things from Erik in 2014.  Photo at Walter Pieringer. Download the above image for a Widescreen size wallpaper (1920 x 1200).  Or try the below image for a Standard size wallpaper (1600 x 1200).

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  • 06Feb2014

    Chris Childs Wallpaper!

    How's this for a great Chris Childs wallpaper? Ride UK made this available recently, so get it at this LINK.  Want to see the video clip of this wallpaper? Then watch the Sunday Goes to Idaho and Montana video below.

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  • 05Feb2014

    WIN – Broadcaster Kit from Ride UK

    Do you want a chance to win a Broadcaster frame, Octave fork and a pair of Broadcaster bars? Then enter the Ride UK - Sunday Package giveaway on their site. All you need to do is figure out how to say "Sunday" in French. Just use Google Translate to figure it out. Follow this LINK to enter the contest. Sunday is proudly distributed in the UK by IMG Distribution.

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  • 17Jan2014

    Danny Stanzl Ride UK Cover – VIDEO

    Our UK team rider, Danny Stanzl, graced the cover of the newest Ride UK Magazine for an article about riding urban playgrounds. Danny has the opening segment of this video from that article. How good do these playgrounds look for riding? The run ups look to be fairly tight, but it didn't seem to slow these guys down.

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  • 03Dec2013

    Alex Magallan Print Ad

    Alex Magallan is featured in our latest Ride UK print ad doing a high speed gap to wallride that was featured in the Sunday Goes to New England video which you can watch below.  The ad features his 2014 signature complete bike which you can check out right HERE.

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  • 25Nov2013

    Welcome Danny Stanzl!

    We are really excited to welcome Danny Stanzl to the International team. He will be riding for us in the UK through IMG Distribution. Take a look at his Soundwave bike check and some photos on Ride UK at this LINK. Photo Robin Pearson.

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  • 15Oct2013

    The Aaron Ross Collection

    Ride UK did a very cool retrospective of Aaron Ross' bikes through out the years. Aaron has had some amazing bikes, so follow this LINK to take a look.

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  • 26Mar2013

    Jake Seeley new ad!

    Jake Seeley does some wild double kink rail trickery in our newest ad featured in the April issue of Ride UK magazine. He is taking his Broadcaster frame through a crooked to snaggletooth down a gem of a rail in Austin.  Check out Jake's signature Broadcaster complete bike after the break.  Frame available now! Check HERE to find a dealer near you.

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  • 20Feb2013

    Alex Magallan Ride UK Ad

    Alex Magallan is always super stylish and casual especially in his latest Ride UK ad which is featured in issue 173.  Head to your local shop or book store to pick one up.  Check out Alex's signature complete bike after the break.

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  • 26Oct2012

    Alex Magallan ad

    Alex Magallan is featured with his signature EX complete in our ad in Ride UK Issue 167. More Alex: Tree Trip Video  |  Alex EX Complete  |  Bike Check

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  • 11Aug2012

    Garrett Reeves Ride UK ad

    Garrett Reeves and his signature Ice Green 2013 EX Complete Bike are featured in the latest Ride UK ad.  Did you see Garrett's Interview video?  If not then check it out right HERE. More Garrett: Behind the Ride Cover  |   House Park Video  |  Atlanta Vacation

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  • 05Jul2012

    Eric & Aaron Wallpaper

    Get this amazing Eric Lichtenberger and Aaron Ross wallpaper over at Ride UK's website just follow this LINK.  This photo was shot during our Atlanta Vacation trip.  If you haven't seen the video then just click this LINK.

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  • 15Jun2012

    Sunday in Atlanta / Ride UK

    Here's the opening spread of the Sunday in Atlanta article that is featured in the newest issue of Ride UK magazine.  The issue is out now and look for the video featuring the whole team later next week! Highlights of the trip include seeing a grand slam, the craziest curved wallride, bums, getting a tazer pulled on us and finding so many spots.

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  • 20Dec2011

    Congrats Aaron!

    Aaron Ross took the Ride UK magazine's Reader's Award for top Worldwide Rider.  I think this is a first ever awards for Ride UK.  Either way, big congratulations going out to Aaron!

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  • 15Nov2011

    Garrett Reeves Ride UK Ad

    Garrett Reeves is featured in our latest ad in Ride UK issue 157.  Tough as nails!  Watch Garrett's Lotek video after the break.

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  • 13Apr2011

    Duffs trip with Alex and Jake

    Jake Seeley and Alex Magallan went on a Duffs trip to Houston that was recently covered in Ride UK. They said they had a lot of fun searching for spots around the city. Both have some wild moves in here, so check out the edit from their trip found on ESPN.

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  • 30Mar2011

    Alex Magallan from Up, Up & Away!

    Here is Alex Magallan's section from our first video Up, Up & Away! As you can see he has been killing it for quite awhile now.  For more Alex coverage check out, the latest issues of Dig BMX and Ride UK plus don't forget about his amazing Emerald video that was posted at the beginning of the year.  Keep it up Alex!

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