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Black Magic Roosters!

Look what we have here, it’s the brand new Black Magic version of trail friendly Rooster frames.  The Rooster comes with trail geometry of 74˚ HT, 71˚ ST, lower 11.625” BB height and a 13.75” -14” CS length. The rear end of this bike is stiffened up by the Director wishbone and a post weld 41 Thermal heat treating process giving the frame a lifetime warranty.  Find the Rooster using our Dealer Locator.  Dealers please contact Full Factory.

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Happy Birthday Aaron Day!

Everyone wish Trails Squad member, Aaron Day, a happy birthday! It’s the rainy season in Northern California right now, so maybe for his birthday he will get a rain free day as a present. Either way we hope you have a good birthday Aaron!  No handed Rooster roasting during Texas Toast.  Photo Timothy Burkhart.

Mike Gonzalez Rooster Roasting

The Rooster frame has seen a lot of shredding as of late.  Mike Gonzalez’s bike check documents him riding his Rooster over the last month in Austin.  Notice the leaves changing in the 9th St photos.

This frame is the only trails frame using the proven 41Thermal Heat-Treating process developed by Odyssey.  The geometry is designed for high speeds with a 13.75″ – 14″ chainstay length to prevent looping out, a 74˚ HT angle to slow the steering and a lower BB to keep the bike stable at higher speeds.  If you’re looking to hit some jumps then this is the frame for you.  Rooster is for roasting!

Look for a full parts list after the break.

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