• 22May2014

    Ryan Slusher’s 18″ Radocaster

    11 year old Ryan Slusher was the lucky and deserving recipient of an 18" Sunday Radocaster sample frame, and here is his final build. Look sick! We're sure he will make the most of it. Follow him on Instagram. More info soon...

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  • 27Dec2013

    Lil Pros BMX Tour Day 2

    Here's the second installment of the Lil Pros BMX Tour video featuring our own Kaden Stone and Ryan Slusher. It's seriously amazing that these kids are this good. BMX is at such an amazing point where tricks only pros could do are now done by kids on 16" bikes. Keep it coming! Want to see the Sunday 16" bikes that these guys are riding? Follow this LINK.

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  • 18Dec2013

    Lil Pros BMX Tour Day 1

    Kaden Stone and Ryan Slusher went on the Lil Pros BMX Tour over the weekend in Southern California and this is the first video from the trip.  It's really great seeing rad young kids getting help from the current generation of pro riders.  The funniest part is all the kids pushing the wheelbarrow when they ride trails. We've been supporting Kaden and Ryan for a few years now.  In the video, Kaden rides the16" Safety Green Primer 16 and Ryan is riding the 2013 Primer Jr. Both guys will be jumping up to the 2014 Primer 18 very soon.

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  • 10Dec2013

    Young Guns Shootout Tour

    Now this is going to be super rad! Kaden Stone and Ryan Slusher are all going on the Young Guns Shootout Tour this weekend! It's seriously amazing to see younger and younger kids putting their own spin on BMX. If you're in Southern California then you should come out to ride with some really rad kids who are the future of BMX. Friday 12/13 - Riverside, CA at Murray Compound/Casey Dreamland Saturday 12/14 - Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark Sunday 12/15 - Ben's Backyard/Vans Skatepark Check back for more info

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  • 24Dec2012

    Ryan Slusher – 9 year old shredder!

    It is so great to see young kids like Ryan Slusher absolutely shredding on 16" bikes.  He is pushing the limits of what kids are doing on these bikes.  He's riding our Sunday Primer Jr. which is specifically tailored for kids between the ages of 5-10 years old. The bike has proper fitting bars, 28 spoke wheels and a very short chainstay length which makes it easier to spin, whip and backflip. Learn more about the Primer Jr after the break.

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  • 11Sep2012

    Ryan Slusher Lil’ Spark Flippin!

    Nine year old Ryan Slusher did his first backflip aboard our 16" Lil' Spark complete bike recently. Look at this form!  Just from this photo you can tell he's has this with ease.  Photo via Robert Lee.  Check out the geometry and see why the Lil' Spark works so well for Ryan after the break.

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  • 27Aug2012

    Ryan Slusher / Lil’ Spark flip!

    Well, it looks like the geometry of the 16" Lil' Spark works very well. Here is 9 year old, Ryan Slusher doing his first ever backflip in a contest at the Battle of the Bay Contest in San Francisco.  It's really exciting to see the progression of young BMXers these days.  Who knows what Ryan has up his sleeve in the future.  For a closer look at the Lil' Spark then check after the break.

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