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  • 2012 Bikes are back!

    16Feb 2012

    That’s right our warehouse received our spring shipment of 2012 Complete Bikes including some special stuff coming later in the spring. If you’ve been looking for a Spark, orange soda Aaron Ross PRO or even a Forecaster Special then we have them available now.  Hit up your local bike shop to get your bike before they sell out. Dealers contact Full Factory Distribution to get the bikes on your floor.

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  • Poland has ’em!

    28Nov 2011

    Looks like the new 2012 completes have landed in Poland. Proletaryat BMX has the bikes available on their website right now. So, if you live in Poland and are looking for the new bikes like the Orange Soda Aaron Ross PRO or the new Spark then check them our right HERE.

  • 2012 Complete Bike Flipbook

    30Sep 2011

    This is what you’ve all been waiting for!  It’s our new 2012 Sunday Complete Bike Flipbook.  Trusted bikes like the PRO, EXAM and Scout are in there as well as some new treats for you.  First, the Spark is our new starter bike designed with the most modern geometry that will get the newest rider excited about BMX.  Next, the Model C has been updated to a 22″ top tube, a 14.625″ rear end length and 7.75″ bar height.  Lastly, we present our best bike ever!  The new Forecaster Special combines the best aftermarket parts package with aftermarket Sunday Forecaster frame, Morning 2.1 forks and Tall T bars.  Take a through the flipbook and put any questions you might have in the comments section below. Available towards the end of October.

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  • Introducing the 2012 Scout

    19Sep 2011

    Here is Chris Hilbrich riding the new 2012 Scout. If you’re looking to go fast, jump far and ride some trails then this is the bike for you. It has a 21.25″ top tube and 14″ rear end length which is super stable at high speeds. The parts package includes 6 different Odyssey parts like Quadrant rims, Aitken tires, Monolever, Quick Slic brake cable, Aitken pivotal seat and Twisted PC pedals. The bike also includes Sunday Word Bubble grips and Sabretooth sprocket. Available in early October.

  • Catty Woods/Scout Bonus Bike!

    07Jun 2011

    Sunday is proud to announce our next Bonus bike which will benefit the Catty Woods Trails in Pennsylvannia.  If you’re unfamiliar with their situation, they are a legal set of trails that have to pay insurance and legal fees in order to keep them from getting plowed.  The costs are yearly and rather large, so we brought out the Catty Woods/Scout complete bike to help them raise money.  They are a non-profit, so if you can’t buy the bike, but still want to support then make a tax deductible donation through their Paypal right HERE. Go to their website www.pawoods.com for updates on the trails.  The Catty Woods/Scout complete bike is available NOW.

    Check out an interview with Flash from Catty Woods about the insurance problems and how the Catty Woods/Scout handled at the trails after the break.

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  • Sneak Peek: 2011 Complete Bikes

    10Sep 2010
    • A quick preview of our 2011 complete bikes line up. Check back soon at SundayBikes.com for complete spec sheets!

    • Aaron Ross AM

    • Aaron Ross AM

    • Aaron Ross EX

    • Aaron Ross EX

    • Aaron Ross PRO

    • Aaron Ross SIG

    • Gary Young AM

    • Gary Young AM

    • Gary Young EX

    • Gary Young EX

    • Gary Young PRO

    • Gary Young SIG

    • Scout

    • Model C EX

    • Model C EX

    • Model C PRO

    Here’s a little sneak peek at our 2011 complete bike line!  For this year, we’ve added a Gary Young line to the Aaron Ross line from last year, created the Signature level, added a dirt specific bike called the Scout and expanded our Model C line.  All these bikes will be shown at Interbike in less than two weeks!  The 2011 line is scheduled for a world wide release during the month of October!  Check back for more info on the bikes soon.  Still the most complete completes available!

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