• 20th Most Progressive Frame!

    16Jan 2013

    Our Ian Schwartz frame from 2009 was ranked the 20th most progressive frame in BMX history according to ESPN.  Ian’s vision was to add a pivotal mount to a Second Wave frame thus eliminating the seat post and seat clamp.  This helped usher in the low seat era in BMX.  The pivotal mount was the most obvious feature on the frame, but the whole Second Wave frame was refined and smoothed out for a cleaner look compared to previous versions of Sunday frames.  Go check out the rest of the list on ESPN right HERE.  Check out the promo for Ian’s frame after the break.

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  • Dig office visit

    28May 2012

    Dig Magazine stopped by our office to take some photos of the more interesting things we have on display.  Learn some of the inside stories and history of the frames shown in the photo above.  Check it out at this LINK.

  • Frame Sale!

    10Dec 2009

    Frame Sale!

    We have some GREAT deals going on right now in our online store for current model frames with 20″ top-tubes. The supplies are very limited though so act fast if you want to get in on it. Click Here for the Deals!

    UPDATE: 2nd Waves are all gone!!!

  • Sunday and Weezer!

    04Nov 2009


    The newest Weezer album entitled Raditude came out in stores yesterday and guess what?  The whole band is riding Sunday frames on the back cover!  Rivers Cuomo is in the middle on the ocean blue Funday, Brian Bell is on the green Second Wave, Scott Shriner is on the red Wave and Buffalo native Patrick Wilson is bunnyhopping on the silver Model C.  None of this could’ve been possible without Mark Lewman and DJ Greyboy.  I know we were all stoked when we found out the news this morning!

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  • Eric L. Wallpaper

    17Oct 2009

    Eric Lichtenberger

    We are going Eric Lichtenberger over load this week!  Here he is double tire ride down a long, round rail from our Up, Up and Away premiere trip to Boston in May.  This is the print version, the footage was in his September web EDIT.  If you were at Interbike then most likely you were able to grab this as a poster.  Otherwise you’ll have to use this as a wallpaper by downloading these links: Wide Screen or Standard Monitor.  Photo by Jeff Allen.

  • 3rd Wave Prototype Video

    24Sep 2009
    Video from BMXFeed.com!

    Video from BMXFeed.com!

    BMX Feed stopped by our booth yesterday and uploaded this video. In it, you can get a brief look at our Model C frame and a closer look at our 3rd Wave Prototype. You can watch it by clicking the photo above or you can also download it.

  • Sunday Friends!

    08Sep 2009

    Here’s a mini Sunday Friends!  From Post-It Note yellow Ian Schwartz frames to Black Magic Second Waves, there’s some good looking bikes here.  These guys know what’s up!  Check out the Sunday Friends section in full screen now!  Just click in the upper right hand corner.

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  • Stephen Savage Update!

    26Aug 2009


    Stephen Savage spent a month over here in the USA.  We set him up with the blue Second Wave kit that he is riding in the photo.  This replaces the original Second Wave prototype that he’s been riding since June of 2008.  That might have been the most traveled Sunday frame out there.  Either way Stephen’s back home in South Africa and he sent me this photo along with a description of the spot.  Here is what he said,

    “This spot is one of my favourite spots in Cape Town. You have to roll down this hill to a blind corner and as you carve to get to the back you have to hop a pavement.  Its crazy and sketchy and if you fall on this back its like a cheese grater!  But that’s what makes it so fun!  There are always these little neighbourhood kids hanging around.  Its chaos!  I had to ask some lady to move her car so I could ride it and she was like “with pleasure”.  Such a cool area, i love Cape Town!”

    Stephen couldn’t have described it more perfect.  The setup, the situation and everything else around it can make a spot and trick seem that much more amazing.  This might be favorite update in awhile.  Wayne Rieche shot this photo!  Great photo!

  • Wave Tubing Xplained!

    06Jul 2009


    Sunday introduced the Wave downtube at Interbike in 2007. This unique feature quickly became a centerpiece in our goal of bringing riders a frame that’s both strong and light. Surprisingly, a lot of people didn’t notice the Wave when we initially showed it at Interbike, and to this day some riders STILL haven’t noticed it. There are also riders out there that are unaware of how well the tube design really works. However, with that said, I have heard countless stories from Sunday frame owners about what their Wave downtubes have been through. It’s understood that the tube won’t take “everything” thrown at it (after all, it’s still just made of 4130 chromoly), but it will take a lot of the abuse that ordinary round tubes won’t, and once the downtube of a frame has been damaged, it’s only a matter of time before a new frame will be needed. At this point it’s been over two years since we began testing the original prototypes, so I figured that it was time to show some photos of what a Wave downtube looks like on the inside.

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  • Anthony Wilson Bike Check

    03Jul 2009
    Anthony Wilson has been on flow from me for about a year and half now.  He’s basically only been riding that long!  He’s easily one of the funniest people to ride with.  There’s no care for trends or anything like that just a desire to ride all the time.  I decided to show his bike check because he has been riding the ‘Shaved’ headtube frame every since I switched to a longer frame.  He tears it up, so why not let him continue testing it.  Well, this frame is almost a 1.5 years old and there’s no signs of the shaved headtube damaging bearings or anything like that.  There’s only some rust because Anthony rides in the snow.

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  • John Bristol’s deep end 540

    26Jun 2009

    Check out this video of John Bristol spinning a 540 at the Donald Skatepark Pool Jam. He’s making that Warm Red 2nd Wave look really good!

  • Sunday Fr!ends

    24Jun 2009

    Here’s our latest installment of Sunday Friends! If you own a Sunday, e-mail us pics of it or upload it to the Sunday Facebook Fan Photos or the Sunday Flickr Group. Thanks for all the support and keep the pics coming!

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  • Sunday Friends

    27May 2009

    Check it out!  The latest edition of the Sunday Friends section.  There are some really great set ups in here!  From bright colors to clean color combinations, these are all looking good!  Can’t wait to see some more good colorways!

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  • Sunday Friends

    12May 2009

    Here is our latest installment of the Sunday Friends section! Lots of super dialed bikes! If you have a Sunday that you want to have up here then send me some pics! Email me HERE!

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  • Three Sweet Bikes!

    14Apr 2009


    These bikes looks great! Different set ups and completely Sunday! I like them all! The top one is Sean Zubek‘s from Cleveland, OH which is an original New Wave frame painted almost like the current Second Wave frame.  Next is Angie Zoppi‘s ocean blue Funday which looks even better with the pink rims!  Last is Landon Parenteau from Saskatchwan, Canada who has the Black “snow” Magic Second Wave.  Check out below for more photos!

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