• 02Apr2014

    Chris Childs Print Ad

    Wow!  Chris Childs is the man with this double wide driveway turndown in our latest Ride UK print ad.  This gap is in Austin, TX and when I first saw it, I wasn’t even sure it was possible.  Thought it would be cool to just make it across not do a fully clicked turndown.  Photo […]

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  • 19Jan2014

    Sunday Friends – John Mayo – VIDEO

    We’ve always been really into showing the personal bikes of our fans. Usually it’s just a photo, but on occasion we get to post a video of someone riding a Sunday. Here is John Mayo killing it on his Sunday Soundwave. Filmed and edited by Sunday’s own Chris Childs.

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  • 21Dec2013

    Chris Childs Print Ad

    Chris Childs is the man!  Here he is blasting a huge rail hop on his red Soundwave frame for our most recent print ad.  Check out a closer look at his bike HERE.  Look for the red Soundwave to be available in March.

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  • 05Dec2013

    Gary’s Soundwave Video Bike Check

    Gary Young shreds the new Woodward Copper Bowl then tells you all about his brand new Soundwave build courtesy of Vital BMX.  He explains why he choose his new color as well. Watch the Woodward Copper edit to see more Gary footage.

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  • 25Nov2013

    Welcome Danny Stanzl!

    We are really excited to welcome Danny Stanzl to the International team. He will be riding for us in the UK through IMG Distribution. Take a look at his Soundwave bike check and some photos on Ride UK at this LINK. Photo Robin Pearson.

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  • 30Oct2013

    Chris Childs Soundwave Bike

    Chris Childs left a really good impression on everyone at Texas Toast. So, take a closer look at the bike he was shredding in the contest. He rides a new Red Soundwave frame with chrome Octave Forks. The Octave forks are available now with the red Soundwave coming next spring. Chris Childs Parts List FRAME: Sunday Soundwave […]

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  • 20Sep2013

    Sunday at Interbike video!

    Interbike 2013 is in full swing right now.  Ride BMX stopped by the Full Factory booth to checkout all the new Sunday stuff that we have coming for 2014.  This includes the new Aaron Ross MotoRoss frame, Lighting and Thunder Wheels, new colors in both the Broadcaster and Soundwave and all of the new complete […]

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  • 11Sep2013

    Sunday Friends: Jeff Grindstaff

    Jeff Grindstaff just build up this amazing gray Soundwave build with Tall T bars, Sabretooth Sprocket, Yell Grips and Toothy Post.  His bike couldn’t look more solid even if it tried.

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  • 03Sep2013

    My Favorite Line

    Cory Foust can flow any park whether its wood or concrete. He filmed this My Favorite Line segment for The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh last week. If you have a chance to ride this park then by all means do so. The Woods Room is amazing!

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  • 23Aug2013

    Visual How-To: Chain Tensioners

    Sunday Bikes has offered chain tensioners built into our hollow dropouts on select frames since 2007. Currently, it’s offered on the Soundwave, Funday 2.1 and Wave C frame. The system is really simple and will hold your wheel in place. During the filming of our Up, Up and Away video, Jake Seeley was having hub […]

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  • 23Aug2013

    Cory Foust Soundwave

    Cory Foust has a fresh new bike!  He built up a new gray Soundwave with Broadcaster Bars and Octave Forks.  If you’ve been at Woodward East this summer then you probably saw him blasting on this bike. Check for a full parts list after the break. Photos by Jeremy Pavia.

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  • 09Jul2013

    A Minnesota Soundwave

    Seth Peterson is currently shredding on this amazing gray Soundwave build.  The chrome Octave forks and Broadcaster Bars with black and a little anodized blue go really well with the gray. Check after the break for a full parts breakdown of his bike. Photo Ben Austin

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  • 25Jun2013

    The Soundwave of Chris Childs

    Chris Childs’ Welcome to Sunday video released last Friday with much praise.  His full throttle style mixes big moves with tech to make something very refreshing.  Here’s his new Soundwave build for you to check out.  Some things to notice on his bike are the 30t Sabretooth sprocket for achieving high speeds.  The drop stem […]

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  • 28May2013

    Timothy Burkhart Soundwave Build

    We just dropped the new gray Soundwaves and already some amazing bikes checks are coming in.  This is from photographer, Timothy Burkhart and his bike couldn’t look much better!  Check below to see a flipbook of the new frame.

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  • 22May2013

    Vasya – Welcome to Big Toys!

    Vasya Lukyanenko just joined the Big Toys Shop team in the Ukraine and this is his Welcome to the Team video.  Smooth lines with a unique street style make this one very good to watch. Filmed in Barcelona, Woodward and the Ukraine.  Check out Vasya’s brand new Soundwave build after the break.

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  • 21May2013

    Vasya Lukyanenko Soundwave

    Our Ukrainian rider, Vasya Lukyanenko, came over to the USA to ride NYC and stay Woodward for 2 weeks.  While he was here, he built up a brand new Soundwave with Octave forks and Tall T bars. You can’t get much more solid than this bike.  Did you see the video where Vasya rides satellite […]

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  • 09May2013

    Lee Dennis Soundwave

    How do you like Lee Dennis’ brand new Soundwave with rasta wheel kit?  He just built it over the weekend since we have Soundwaves back in stock.  His bike also has an Octave Fork, Tall T bars, Toothy Post and our brand new Knox Guard Sprocket.  This bike couldn’t get much better.  Check out this […]

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  • 06May2013

    Garrett Reeves Soundwave Bike Check

    Garrett Reeves stopped by the office the other day to build up this brand new Soundwave frame in his signature colorway gray.  This color is a brand new release for the spring. Now you get a sick new color to go along with the hollow dropouts, built in chain tensioners, Wave DT & TT, Director wishbone, […]

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