• 14Jan2013

    Mikey Tyra whip

    We flowed Mikey Tyra some Sunday stuff after this year's Texas Toast and he's putting it to good use.  Tailwhip on a blue wave Third Wave.  Photo by Dylan Thayer.  Follow Mikey and Dylan on Instagram.  Mikey is @mikey_tyra and Dylan is @dylanthayer.

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  • 17Oct2012

    Sunday Friends: Sean Groce

    Sean Groce has been a big fan of Sunday for awhile now and he just built up a brand new Black Magic Third Wave.  Thanks for the support Sean!  Check after the break for full specs.

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  • 07Sep2012

    Spencer Foresman SPOT edit

    We hooked up Spencer Foresman with a Third Wave frame awhile back, so check out this SPOT edit that was just released today.  The fast plant flair was sick!

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  • 23Jul2012

    Gary Young – Bike Check

    Gary Young has been testing our new Soundwave frame for some time now.  It's a cross between the features of the Third Wave and most of the geometry of the Forecaster.  Look for it to be available in late August.  Check out Gary's parts list and 2013 Signature complete bikes after the break.

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  • 28May2012

    Dig office visit

    Dig Magazine stopped by our office to take some photos of the more interesting things we have on display.  Learn some of the inside stories and history of the frames shown in the photo above.  Check it out at this LINK.

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  • 17May2012

    Sunday Friends: Illias Brave

    This Sunday Friends comes all the way from Greece.  Here is Illias Brave from Pefki, Greece's Black Magic Third Wave  that he got from our Greece distributor Dark Riders.  So stoked to have Sunday's in Greece.  Thanks Illias!

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  • 27Mar2012

    Lee Dennis Third Wave

    Lee Dennis has a sweet bike check of his blue wave Third Wave up on the Ride BMX site.  Lee rides the strongest frame that we have available.  You can't beat Wave tubing, our hollow dropouts and 41 Thermal Heat-Treating.  Just not possible.   Follow this LINK to see his bike. More Lee: Lee Dennis Friend  |  Lee Dennis Vacation  |  Happy Leap Year!

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  • 05Mar2012

    Chris Burden photo

    Our Atlanta flow guy, Chris Burden, sent this icepick photo at a nice little gem of a spot in Atlanta.  Look at that Third Wave pop in the photo too.

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  • 03Mar2012

    Sunday Friends: Showtime BMX

    This is how you do a Blue Wave Third Wave.  Showtime BMX from Havelock, NC put together this one.  Too nice! Recent Blue Wave Third Wave Bikes Lee Dennis HERE | Jim C video HERE | Chris Burden HERE

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  • 02Mar2012

    Mini Blue Third Wave?

    How awesome is this?  Corey Mijac from St Catharines, ON Canada, made for us this miniature Blue Wave Third Wave frame.  The color and stickers are right on.  This is one of the coolest things we've received since we've started back in 2005.  Thanks so much Corey.

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  • 04Feb2012

    Chris Burden over iced

    Here's a good photo of Atlanta flow guy Chris Burden making good use of giant block of sandstone.  It took a million years to make this rock and only a few moments for Chris to over ice the rock on his Third Wave.  Nice work Chris!

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  • 12Jan2012

    Chris Burden update

    Chris Burden learned a few things recently.  He knows what it's like to live in a house with no heat and that fullpipes are too much fun.  Luckily, he's out of that house and he still gets to ride his Third Wave at this fullpipe. Check out Chris' Third Wave bike check after the break

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  • 11Nov2011

    Lee Dennis Third Wave

    Lee Dennis just put together the Blue Wave colorway which includes the Third Wave frame, Tall T bars and Morning 2.1 forks.  This blue looks so good!

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  • 10Nov2011

    Sunday Friends: Adam Crabill

    Adam Crabill comes at us with an interesting Sunday Friends.  Flip between the photos to see the differences in his Third Wave.  Sort of red and white ying yang or two face type bike.  Really interesting Adam.  Thanks for the photos.

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  • 04Nov2011

    Chris Burden Third Wave

    Here's another amazing Blue Wave Third Wave bike!  Atlanta shredder, Chris Burden, just built up this one and it couldn't look any better.  Blue Wave colorway is available right now.  So good!

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  • 03Nov2011

    Sunday Friends: Tyler Greer

    I'm a big fan of today's Sunday Friends.  Here is Tyler Greer of Mississauga, Canada and his brand new blue wave Third Wave frame.  This bike couldn't look any more mint.  Great job with white and blue color combo.  Thanks Tyler!

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  • 01Nov2011

    My Spots with Jim C

    ESPN posted a My Spots with me about my favorite spots in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. This was really fun to make and there are so many other spots I could've gone, but these are the top 4. I'm really happy the yellow rails are better than ever! Take a look. Jim C's blue wave Third Wave bike check video right HERE.

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  • 17Oct2011

    Jim C’s video bike check

    Check out this video bike check of the new Blue Wave Third Wave with matching Tall T bars and Morning 2.1 forks that I just built up. For some reason, I've always liked blue bikes. The prototype for my first signature frame was blue and come to think of it there's been 4-5 other blue bikes in my past. Right now, I have a blue

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