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  • Erik Elstran Crankslide photo

    09Jan 2013

    Erik Elstran is definitely not wearing shorts right now, but a photo of his crankslide up this rail from last summer’s Canadian Vacation trip is too good to resist.  See this trick in our Canadian Vacation video after the break. Photo Trent Barker

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  • Aaron Ross Whip In

    07Jan 2013

    Check out Aaron Ross tailwhipping into this ledge.  This was shot during our Canadian Vacation trip last summer.  Aaron and Lee Dennis both did tailwhips into this ledge in a train in the same video. Go watch the Canadian Vacation video after the break.  Photo Trent Barker

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  • Road Less Traveled with Alex Magallan

    10Sep 2012

    Alex Magallan takes his own path.  We rolled up to this steep, bumpy bank which had only one taker.  Alex made this fence smith at the top of this bank look super easy.  Photo Trent Barker.

  • Eric Lichtenberger toboggan

    07Sep 2012

    Eric Lichtenberger making use of one of the most minimal spots. Stretched Toboggan out of a little bump jump.  Even the smallest town has a good bump jump somewhere, so go out there and shred!  Photo Trent Barker.  See Eric’s signature bike after the break.

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  • Garrett Reeves Box Jumpin’

    31Aug 2012

    Garrett Reeves doing a sick table over a literal box jump.  Shot by Trent Barker during our Canadian Vacation trip in Toronto a few weeks back. Garrett’s Ice Green really stands out in this photo.  Check out his 2013 EX complete and the new Soundwave frame in this color after the break.

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