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  • Triumph XL spy shot!

    24Feb 2011

    Mike Gonazalez is running the new Triumph XL bars on his freshly spray painted Conductor.  These bars keep the classic Triumph bar dimensions except the rise goes from 8″ to 8.5″.  So, you still have the 28″ wide, 12 degrees backsweep and 1 degree of upsweep, but now you can get them in an 8.5″ rise. Look for these to be available this spring!

    Mike Gonzalez turndowns right HERE.

  • Bryan Lacombe’s Forecaster

    17Jun 2010

    Here’s a few photos of Bryan Lacombe’s new Forecaster frame kit built up!  His full kit includes matching Triumph bars and Morning 2.1 forks!  I’m liking the seat grab nosepick in the last photo.  Frame kit is available now!

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  • Watermelon Triumph Bars

    08Jun 2010

    Check out the tried and true Triumph bars in Aaron Ross watermelon green!  They also come in Black Magic, white and purple.  Triumphs have an 8″ rise, 28″ width, 12 degrees backsweep, 1 degree of upsweep and use 41-Thermal heat-treating.  Available now!

  • Seth Peterson Bike Photos!

    07Jun 2010

    Here’s a bunch of photos of Seth Peterson‘s new 21″ Third Wave frame with Morning 2.1 forks and Triumph bars.  These were all shot with in riding distance of the office.  Check out how the grips, pedals and Parends go with the frame’s stickers.  Notice the Sunday seat clamp that comes with all the new frames for 2010.  Super solid and super clean!

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  • Chris Hilbrich Silver Model D

    03Aug 2009

    Chris Hilbrich just built up a silver Model D with Black Magic Morning 2.1 forks and Black Magic Triumph bars.  He went over to Peter Pan Mini Golf in Austin to shoot these photos for this bike check.  In other Chris news, he was recently on the Gypsy Tour about a month or so ago.  And if you’re at any ABA Nationals around the mid west then you might see Chris tearing up the track.  In fact, you’d see a number of people racing on Sunday bars and forks if you look close enough.

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  • The Triumph Bar!

    10Jul 2009

    Here is a little web video staring Ian Schwartz, Eric Lichtenberger and Kurt Rasmusson promoting our Triumph bar.  The Triumph bar has been in our line up since we started back in 2005, it is a staple and the workhorse.  So many people have ridden them and I bet there are more that haven’t.  41 Thermal heat-treated and multiple butted with an 8″ rise, 12 degrees backsweep and 1 degree of upsweep.  Available everywhere!

  • Craig “Manboy” Passero Bike Check

    23Feb 2009


    Here’s some photos of Craig “Manboy” Passero‘s newest Sunday set up.  I was super psyched on his Defgrip edit along with some of his other TJD clips that I hooked him up with a new blue complete Sunday Second Wave kit!  Can’t wait to see what Craig does on his Sunday!  Look for more awesome TJD videos coming out of the northeast! Read More »

  • Ian Schwartz Yellow Check?

    17Dec 2008

    Ian Schwartz's Yellow Bike

    Ian Schwartz sent me some photos of his Post-It Note Yellow signature frame remixed into this honey mustard/ketchup colorway. He seems to always have something interest going on with his setups and this is no exception. Look for more stuff from him out of San Francisco because he decided to stay there permanently or until he catches the farming bug again. Not only is this frame available now, but so are the matching Triumph bars and Morning 2.1 forks! Is there a fakie hill bomb coming too?

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