• 25Sep2012

    TJ Henderson Forecaster

    When Abraham Lincoln isn't hunting vampires, he's shredding on TJ Henderson's Forecaster set up.   Black Magic with fluorescent yellow parts like the Freeze stem make his bike look wild.  Lots of 41Thermal heat-treated parts on this one.  Check out TJ's parts list after the break.

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  • 13Dec2011

    TJ Henderson Bike Check

    Mini ramp shredder and all-around awesome guy, TJ Henderson sent me some photos of his Forecaster bike with Victory bars and Night 2.0 forks with 990 mounts.  TJ shred hard in the 2012 Complete Completes video and has something up his sleeve in the next few weeks.  I'm very sure you will like it. Check out his parts list after the break.

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  • 11Oct2011

    Blue Wave available now!

    Even though we've made black frames forever, Sunday's always been known for colors and the new Blue Wave color continues this tradition.  This blue originates from the stickers of the Black Magic and white Third Wave colorways.  Hence, why this color only comes in this frame.  This colorway come in the Third Wave, Morning 2.1 forks, Yell/Word Bubble grips, Toothy posts, Tall T, Triumph XL and Victory bars.  Tell your local bike shop or favorite mail order to get ahold of Full Factory so they can order it up for you. Available right now.

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  • 18Feb2011

    Aaron Ross Orange Soda now available!

    He topped himself again!  Aaron Ross' latest unique colorway inspired by orange soda is now available!  Aaron's signature Funday frame, Sunday Morning 2.1 forks and both Tall T and Victory bars can now be found at your local shop or mail order.  The best thing is that you'll be able to recreate Aaron's bike so easily because Odyssey and GSport are offering their products in orange as well.  To see Aaron's personal bike then check out this LINK. This bike is amazing! Check out Aaron riding his orange soda Funday in his latest video right HERE.

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  • 21Jul2010

    New Frames in Canada!

    Ryder Distribution just got in a restock of the Sunday completes as well as all the new Sunday frames!  So now, the Forecaster, Third Wave and watermelon green Fundays are available in Canada!  All the new Sunday bars are available as well including the Victory bars (8.32" rise) in Black Magic, purple and watermelon green and the new Tall T Bars (8.7" rise) which are available in the same colors and chrome!  Get them now!

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  • 15Jun2010

    Introducing Victory Bars!

    Here are some photos of our new bars called the Victory bars.  These dimensions might seem familiar because the Victory bars are the new name for the Forumph bars.  There was some confusion with the name being so close to the Triumph bar, so we decided to change the name away from -umph that is common between both bars.  We did however keep the naming theme.  So, if you're not quite ready to make the jump up to the ultra tall bars of today, but still need to go higher than 8" then these are the ones for you. Rise:    8.32" Width:  28" Backsweep:   12 deg Upsweep:       4 deg Weight:          1 lb 10 oz Colors:  Black Magic, white, watermelon green and purple Features: 41-Thermal heat-treating

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