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  • Elstran & Seeley
    Tech Duo

    29Jan 2014

    Erik Elstran & Jake Seeley: Creative Technicality at Round Rock – More BMX Videos

    Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley might be the techest dudes on the Sunday team. Here they are teaming up and teching out at the Round Rock Skatepark near Austin for Vital BMX.  Usually this park is full of people, but they must’ve been there before school let out.  Jake’s double tire ride line is so smooth and I’m not quite certain what Erik’s backwards hang 5 line was exactly.  You’ll need to watch this many times to figure it all out. So sick guys!

  • Garrett Reeves Top 10

    10Dec 2013

    Garrett Reeves just made it into a Vital BMX Top 10 list by legendary UK rider Owain Clegg. You may not know Owain, so let me just say he’s a highly creative all around rider that could be credited for doing straight up Vader Nosepicks. I’m pretty certain he was one of the first people to have a photo doing that trick. So, both Garrett and Owain have a high sense of creativity which is probably why Garrett made it into Owain’s Top 10.

  • Texas Toast Photo Recap

    26Oct 2013

    Texas Toast 2013 is now a memory…a very good one, but still just a memory. So, we are doing a recap of all the photos of the team at Toast.  There’s photos of Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Jim Cielencki and Chris Childs.  The dudes all killed it.  All the above photos are from all the media outlets that covered the event including Ride BMX, Dig BMX, Vital BMX, BMX UnionRed Bull and Dan’s Comp.  See you next year!

  • Gary at Vans

    07Apr 2013

    Vital BMX filmed a Thursday at Vans video which features some sick riding clips of Gary Young.  High speed mini-ramp lines from Gary.  How good does the Vans mini look?

  • Warehouse Sale on Vital

    26Mar 2013

    Vital came through with a good video of our March Madness Sale at the Full Factory warehouse. Some good moves from Gary Young and Eric Lichtenberger as well as a bunch of other guys in the area. If you didn’t make it out then plan on doing it next year!

  • Erik Elstran at Play

    06Sep 2012

    Erik Elstran is going to be in the Play Contest at Spinner’s yard in Florida this weekend.  Look for the videos online at Vital BMX from Sept 10-14.  This should be wildly bizarre.  Anyone remember the old Play Contests?  If watch this one from 1995 after the break.

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  • Jim C Q&A on Vital

    21Nov 2011

    I’m doing a Q&A on Vital BMX until the end of the month.  Follow this LINK to ask me some questions.  Some possible topics to discuss are tricks, video parts, fufanus, cupcakes and of course Sunday.

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