• 31Mar2014

    Sunday Friends: Bunky Dunn

    Let's do a 24" edition of Sunday Friends.  This is Bunky Dunn's Black Magic Wave C build which was featured on PSBMX.  How solid does his bike look? Follow this LINK to see what else is on Bunky's bike.  How many handrail photos do you see on a 24"?  Not many, but here is Bunky doing the famous Atlanta rail.

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  • 21Mar2014

    Sunday Friends: Daniil’s Custom Wave C

    Last week, we posted a Sunday Friends of Daniil Andreyevich's Wave C frame which had custom artwork by Tori Madisyn.  Since then, Daniil has built up the frame into this amazing ride.  This might be the coolest 24" BMX ever made?  Check below to see more images of his bike. Need to get on a 24" BMX?  Then check out the 2014 Model C right HERE.

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  • 14Mar2014

    How wild is this custom Wave C?

    This is our first Sunday Friends frame edition.  We've always been a brand for people who like to be creative, so it wasn't a shock that Daniil Andreyevich painted his Wave C 24" BMX this way.  Actually, he had artist, Tori Madisyn, give it this amazing paint job.  We aren't even sure we would put this bike back together because it's so rad looking.  Here's a full side shot of the frame.

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  • 06Jan2014

    Gonz riding a Sunday 24″

    Mark Gonzales is serious one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. His friend wrote about getting him a 24" Wave C and it was without hesitation that we sent him one. He is definitely a character which probably explains why he was he was the first to do a handrail. Check out the Model C 24" Complete Bike HERE. Video via Vice.

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  • 25Nov2013

    24″ BMX Flatland!

    When we started making 24" BMX bikes, it wasn't to have a "cruiser" model, we wanted to push the limits of what could be done on a 24". When you learned how to grind handrails on a 20" BMX, you would naturally take it to longer, steeper, taller or more unique rails. You basically just changed the object you did the trick on. With the 24", you took a trick you knew and instead of changing the object you did it on, you changed the bike itself.  Two Four Flat 5 is just an extension of that idea into flatland. Instead of a bigger handrail, they are doing hitchhikers, backpackers and wheel chairs on the Wave C 24" bikes. So very rad!

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  • 19Nov2013

    24″ BMX Flatland?

    It's not all the time you get to see some guys riding flatland on the Wave C 24" BMX bikes. Unfortunately, this is just a teaser for Two Four Flat 5, so we will have to wait for the full length video to drop. To be announced, I guess. Watch their previous Wave C video below.

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  • 23Aug2013

    Visual How-To: Chain Tensioners

    Sunday Bikes has offered chain tensioners built into our hollow dropouts on select frames since 2007. Currently, it's offered on the Soundwave, Funday 2.1 and Wave C frame. The system is really simple and will hold your wheel in place. During the filming of our Up, Up and Away video, Jake Seeley was having hub issues and rode a 10 day trip with his wheel barely tight. The chain tensioners were able to prevent his wheel from moving even though the axle was not fully tighten down. Here is a brief explanation of how they work.

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  • 02Jan2013

    Top 3 on Cruiser Revolution

    Once again we've made it into the top 3 posts viewed on a BMX site for 2012.  This time it was Jim C's Model C photos, Jon Faure's Mega Ramp jump and the Two Four Flat Crew's flatland videos that put us at the top of Cruiser Revolution.  Check out the full post at this LINK.

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  • 16Dec2012

    Two Four Flat 4.5

    The Two Four Flat crew is at it again!  This one is a bike check with Danny Sirkin and then even more flatland with Prasheel Gopal and Mark Kuhlmann.  These guys do bar flips, cliffhangers and backpacker whips on the 24" Model C bikes.  Check out more info on our 24" stuff after the break.

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  • 10Dec2012

    Two Flat Four

    When we said our 24" cruiser bikes could ride anything, we definitely meant it.  Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin take 24" cruisers into a flatland direction with their video entitled Two Flat Four.  You have to be quite tall to do a deathtruck on a 24", but this video proves it to be possible. Check out our 24" Model C AM complete after the break.

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  • 07Dec2012

    24 inches high & rising

    Have you ridden this thing at House Park in Austin?  You have to take off early and pull out far enough to clear the bars on either side.  It also narrows and goes over-vert.  Our 24" bikes aren't just for cruising, you can actually take it to tough places like this.  Model C complete bikes and Wave C frame sets available now!  Jim Cielencki on the bike and Mike Gonzalez behind the lens.

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  • 12Nov2012

    24″ Wave C Radness!

    The skatestopper at the bottom only made this tranny wall carve that much more interesting.  Wave C cruiser carve through the narrow spot and hop over the stopper by Jim Cielencki.  Learn more about our 24" bikes after the break.

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  • 07Nov2012

    Flair on the Wave C

    Jim Cielencki taking the 24" Wave C upside down in the form of a flair at last weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin.  Photo by Sandy Carson and found on ESPN BMX.  Check out the 24" Model C complete bike after the break.

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  • 05Nov2012

    Fun Fun Fun Fest

    Look at this amazing ramp!  We were lucky enough to ride it over the weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin.  ESPN has a photo gallery featuring photos of Aaron Ross and Jim Cielencki up on their site today.  Go check out the gallery at this LINK.  Thanks to Project Loop for making it happen.  Follow us at @sundaybikes on Instagram to see more from the weekend.

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  • 25May2012

    The Friday Interview!

    This is a good way to start the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Ride BMX just posted The Friday Interview they did with me where I talk about Sunday, tricks, street progression and some history.  There's even some good 24" photos in the interview as well.  Check out the interview right HERE. More Jim C: 24" Flatland  |   Least Most  |  Defgrip

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  • 20May2012

    Project Model C Round #3

    Jon Faure proves how easy it is to adapt to the Model C/Wave C geometry by having his son experiment with the bike.  First, he does a trick or line on his 20" BMX then he does the same on Jon's Wave C. Both tricks look the same.  Thanks to www.plussizebmx.com for the video.

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  • 14May2012

    Sunday Friends: Micke Svedberg

    This Sunday Friends is really rad.  Here is Micke Svedberg from Stockholm, Sweden's brand new Vapor Blue Wave C bike.  Not only do we have a Sunday in Sweden, but we also have a 24" there.  Plus he's rocking the best sprocket going!  Odyssey MDS for the win. Thanks Micke!

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  • 12Mar2012

    Jon Faure How To

    Jon Faure is at it again.  Remember the Mega Ramp nosewheelie photo from a few weeks ago?  Well, Jon was working on the latest enstallment of his video series entitled How to Ride a Mega Ramp When You Suck!  There's not too many Mega Ramp How-To's available, so Jon takes you through some of the steps.  He's ok and ready to go back up to Woodward West to ride again.

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