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Julian Arteaga
Éclat x DIG

It’s always a good day when a new Julian video drops. Hit play to check out some clips he’s been stacking.

Julian Arteaga is the kinda guy we’d like to ride with every day. This dude makes pretty much everything fun and motivating – even slamming on your wagon. Whether it’s eating salad for breakfast or doing scary tire rides for dinner, Eclat​’s Cali to Texas transplant is always out there enjoying himself, and filming wild af clips while he’s at it. Enjoy his epic new video for Eclat, via the camera of Gordon MacDonald. Serious heat!

Filmed and edited by Gordon MacDonald
Additional filming by Devon Smillie, Trevor Sigloch, Lahsaan Kobza and Ethan Corriere


Sunday Road to Swampfest

Join Sunday rippers Erik Elstran, Brett Silva, Julian Arteaga, Jake Seeley, Ben Allen, and Jared Duncan on the road from Texas to Louisiana and on to the sometimes great state of Florida for the full Swampfest experience. Utter mayhem! Massive thanks to Trey Jones and everyone who sent it at Swampfest…. Can’t wait for next year!

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Jonathan Medina
Welcome to Sunday Flow

Sunday is stoked to officially welcome Jonathan Medina! Jonathan is solid on his bike and has been repping Sunday forever. He’s super motivated and highly skilled, so having him on the team is a perfect fit in a lot of ways. Jake Seeley once described Jonathan’s riding as “loosely dialed,” and I’m with it – he’s just loose enough to keep things interesting. Jonathan’s #1 riding homie Preston Okert has this to say about him:

“He’s one of the best dudes to ride with and is always stoked to go ride…. and has one of the most consistent hard way spins out of grinds.”

Jonathan just released a killer edit he filmed with Preston, his Welcome To Sunday edit is playing above, and there’s a lot more to come. We’re hyped to have him on board.

–Walter Pieringer

Jonathan Rides the Nightshift →

Jonathan Medina 2018

SoCal shredder Jonathan Medina and his boy Preston Okert cooked up some heat. Enjoy!

After a year of filming here and there and a while of sitting on clips we finally got it put together. Had so much fun filming this and seeing Jonathan go in on some clips. Could’t be more hyped to put this out. Shoutout Dan for filming in Japan.

– Preston

Inho Jo’s Street Sweeper Build

Check out Inho Jo’s rad Sunday setup. Shoutout to Shredd Bikes!

Parts List

Frame: Sunday “Jake Seeley” Street Sweeper, 21″ tt
Fork: Sunday Nightshift, 28mm offset
Handlebar: Sunday Solar, 9.25″ rise
Headset: Sunday
Stem: Sunday Freeze Top Load
Grip: Sunday Jake Seeley
Crank: Fly Dolmen2, 165mm
Sprocket: Eclat AK Guard, 25t
Pedal: Animal Rat Trap PC
Chain: Fly Tractor Chain
Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar, 24mm
Front Hub: Eclat Cortex
Front Hub Guard: Eclat Cortex
Front Rim: Eclat Phantom
Rear Hub: WTP Helix Freecoaster
Rear Hub Guard: WTP Helix
Rear Rim: Eclat Bonei v2
Tires: Sunday Street Sweeper, 2.4″
Tubes: Animal
Pegs: Sunday Seeley PC, 4.5″
Seat: Sunday Black Canvas
Post: Sunday Tripod

Trent Lutzke
Welcome to Sunday Flow

Welcome Trent Lutzke to Sunday! Trent comes highly recommended by Jake Seeley, and based on his welcome video he is full send and high energy. Trent hails from Michigan’s upper peninsula, where he knows all the gnarly spots and ain’t skeered to use them to their maximum potential. Trent’s first bike was a Sunday, and we’re hyped he’s back on board and all looking forward to watching him send it in person….

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I’m Milwaulkin’ Here (mass boiz in the midwest)

Chris Childs, Mayo, and Jeff Dustin took a B-CAVE trip out to the good ol’ Midwest. First stop Chicago, where the Chicken and Waffles squad showed the boys all the grit the Windy City had to offer. A short 90-minute drive later the crew made it up to MKE to cruise the streets of Brew City where massive amounts of custard and shred were consumed. Shoutout to Jeff Dowhen, Jeff K, John D, and all the dudes who came to cruise.

Jared Rides the Soundwave

Jared Duncan rides the Soundwave. This video is proof. Enjoy!

Soundwave v3 Frame

Legendary 41-Thermal lifetime warranty.
Now with shorter chainstays and taller headtube.
20.75″, 21″, or 21.25″ top tube.
13.2″ – 13.5″ chainstays.
75° head tube angle.
4.9 lbs.

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Sport Import in Tenerife

Hit play to check out our international riders Daniel Portorreal, Jan Mihaly, Markus Reuss, Lukas Häusler, Robin Heiderich, and the rest of the Sport Import crew in Tenerife.

Im Februar 2018 bot sich uns die Möglichkeit, beim SIBMX-Teamtrip nach Teneriffa dabei zu sein und so dem deutschen Winter wenigsten für ein paar Tage ein Schnippchen zu schlagen. Mit einer Wahnsinnsvilla direkt am Wasser und drei Mietwagen ausgestattet, machten wir uns daran, einige der besten Spots der Insel abzuklappern, während daheim noch Minusgrade herrschten. Das Radfahren allein war schon ziemlich episch, aber auch darüber hinaus hatten wir jede Menge Spaß. Neben reichlich BMX-Action waren nämlich unter anderem stundenlanges Billardspielen, Sekt trinken im Jacuzzi, nächtliche Tattoosessions und Kochmissionen auf Fünf-Sterne-Niveau an der Tagesordnung. Am Ende waren sich alle einig: Der SIBMX-Trip nach Teneriffa war einfach nur geisterkranka!

Danke SIBMX, danke Bodo Hellwig und danke an die ganze Crew. Es war der Wahnsinn!